Yahoo Small Business all Solution 2020

This article by Google Droid describes many questions and their answers related to Yahoo Small Business:

What is Yahoo Small Business:

Yahoo Small Business is a product of Yahoo that is mainly launched to support small business owners to get their businesses online and worldwide. ‘YSB’ is now getting high popularity as it has started to give any type of custom domain, website, business emails, etc totally for free during this pandemic.

What Yahoo Small Business is giving for free:

Yahoo is basically giving every type of custom top-level domain including .com, .net, .org, an inbuilt website builder to make websites, five business emails, business plans, their own hosting, and, business revenue reports for one year.

How to get a free domain, email, and hosting form Yahoo:

Go to Yahoo Small Business website from this link Yahoo Small Business. You will be landed on the below page.

You can see in the above image, what they are giving. Click on ‘Start for free’. You will be landed on the below page, there you have to type your business category from the dropdown list and enter any business name you like, and click continue.

After continuing, you have to sign up using your email and full name

As you can see on the above image they are giving $120 products for free, enter your details and continue.

After continuing you have to enter your payment credentials on the above page, you have to enter either your credit card information or PayPal.

Don’t worry they will not charge you a single penny for that, this is just for verification purposes so they can deduct the renewal amount after one year although you can cancel your subscription after creating the account this will not affect your account or any of your products.

After this process, you have to confirm your email by clicking on the link they have sent to your email. After email verification, you have to log in and will be landed on this page below.

As you can see on the above image, you can now claim your desired domain, enable SSL, set up business email, etc. Now click on Claim and verify your domain and you will be on the page below.

As you can see, you will get some domain suggestions related to the business name you have given, but if you click on ‘Search more’ you can register any domain you like if it is available.

After choosing your preferred domain name click on ‘Get it now’ and you have to enter your basic information like Name, city, country, etc. and after that, you will get an email for ‘domain-confirmation’ in your email you have to click on the confirmation link and you are all set, you have now your own domain.

How to publish your Yahoo Small Business website:

After successful email verification for your domain stated above, you can now publish your own website to the rest of the World by clicking on the ‘Publish Your Website’ button highlighting in the below image.

To publish your site you first have to choose a theme for your website. So click on ‘Publish your website’ and you will be landed on this page below.

Select the theme you like the most and click publish and you’re done Your site is now published to the world.

How to enable SSL for Yahoo Small Business Domain:

We think that having an SSL for a website is the most important for your website as it creates a trusted bonding between your customer and business. Thanks to Yahoo who is providing you not just a domain but with a free SSL from Digicert. However, to enable SSL for your website you have to click on the ‘Enable SSL certificate’ button from your dashboard and your SSL certificate will be installed then click to activate.

After activating your site will be secured with an SSL and lock sign. Remember, due to high traffic and demand sometimes Yahoo faces technical issues with installing your SSL and it can be delayed or you may have to wait for up to 48 hours to activate SSL on your site.

Now you are all set, you have your own domain, website, you published your site, your domain has a security certificate. What’s more for free!

How to set up Yahoo Small Business email:

To set up your business email go to your Yahoo Small Business Dashboard and click on ‘Set up your business mail’ as shown on the image below. In Yahoo free plan, you can create up to 5 business emails.

After clicking on the button you will be landed on this page shown below where you can create any email you like with your domain at the end like

Just write any word you like in the ‘select email address field’, you can also set your display name(it’s optional) for that email and click add. After adding you have to verify the mail by logging in with the temporary password they have given you as shown on the image below.

Click on the login link below your temporary password and you will be asked to log in, in the username field give the username that you created at the above step ( and input this temporary password in the password field and log in, then you will be asked to set your own password that will be your Yahoo Small Business email password.**

Remember: After successfully setting up your own password you have to create an ‘app password’ to add your business email to any email app including Outlook for desktop, Outlook for Android, etc from their dropdown menu. and to send and receive emails in your email app password is mandatory. Set your own password and click on ‘create an app password’

This app password is also temporary, if you are going to add this email to Outlook for desktop then go to Outlook and click ‘ add another account’ there you have to input your email in the email field and enter this password in the password field. This is the same process if you are going to add this email to any other email management app like Gmail, Outlook Android including Outlook for desktop. That’s It now you can receive and send emails from your mobile or outlook desktop, no need to come to Yahoo email again and again.

If you have liked our article then consider sharing our article on your favorite social media by clicking on the share button. In the next article, we will cover the process of transferring a domain from Yahoo to another domain registrar, transfer to another hosting provider, installing WordPress on Yahoo Small Business C Panel, and many important topics. Till then goodbye. We wish your success ahead.

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