Yahoo has stopped giving free domains

Yahoo has stopped giving free domains.

Earlier this year Yahoo started to give free domains, websites, five business emails, hosting, etc. to help small businesses going online and grow their revenue during that pandemic. But now Yahoo Small Business has topped giving free domain, website, emails, etc. outside of United States from 29th October.

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Has Yahoo stopped giving free domains, websites, and emails?

Yes from 29th October 2020, Yahoo Small Business has stopped providing free domain, website, emails outside of the United States.

If you now want to get a free domain and etc from Yahoo Small Business you now need a valid local US phone number. Any international and VOIP numbers are not allowed and you must verify the number using OTP.

Why did Yahoo stop giving free domains and websites?

Yahoo has stopped giving free domains. Yahoo started and tried to help small businesses to launch their business online during this Covid-19 pandemic without worrying about the cost involved. They were providing approximately $122 products totally for free. But many used this privilege for getting multiple free custom domains, websites, and emails fraudulently from many countries.

That’s why Yahoo stopped providing these free stuff to the United Kingdom, Canada, India, France, Germany, Israel, etc. Now from 29th October Yahoo Small Business giving free domains to only US citizens.

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