How to get a free MasterCard 2020

Free MasterCard, in this article by Google Droid, describes one of the best ways of how you can get a free master card debit card within two minutes which is accepted Worldwide. You can use this card anywhere for international transactions and this card is accepted by PayPal, Venmo, Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc. big companies.

How you can get a free MasterCard?

You have to download the Airtel Thanks app from Play Store or App Store and register yourself using your mobile number, then go to the banking section, give your identity proof and take your free master card debit card.

Highlights of this trick:

  • You can use any number you want including Reliance-Jio, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, etc.
  • The more numbers you have, the more free Mastercard debit cards you will get
  • You don’t need any real identity documents.

Follow our detailed instruction with images in the below section to understand the process better:

Download the ‘Airtel Thanks‘ app. After downloading the app from Play Store or App Store, open the app and you will see a screen as shown in the image below:

The above image is a splash screen of the ‘Airtel Thanks’ app, so you will be landed on this screen below after a few seconds now click on ‘Let’s Start’:

After clicking on ‘Let’s Start’ you have to enter your mobile number in the mobile number field and click ‘ Send OTP’ on the next screen as shown on the image below:

Note: You can use any number you want including Jio, Vi, BSNL, Airtel, etc. but make sure the number you are using is totally fresh and doesn’t have another account on this app before.

Enter the OTP you received in your mobile and click log in as shown below.

After clicking ‘log in’ button you have to choose your preferred language from the language list on the next screen’, like the image below:

Click ‘Next’ on the above screen and you will be landed on the screen shown below, they will ask you to review your UPI ID associated with your mobile number. Don’t do anything here just click ‘Not now’ on the top right corner.

After clicking on ‘Not now’ they will prepare the app for you and they will ask you for some permission, this is necessary to use the app. See the images below to understand it better:

They are preparing the app for you
Allow these permissions, they are necessary to run the app smoothly.
This is quick tour

After completing all the steps shown above, you will get your dashboard which looks like the below image,

Here you have to click on the ‘Banking’ button

Now you have to click and go the ‘Banking’ section in the footer menu as shown on the above image and there you have to enter your First name, Last name, date of birth, email address, and an identity proof from any of the identity proof including aadhar card, pan card, voter card, as shown in below image.

Secret Tip**: Airtel doesn’t verify your email so you can enter any email you like and select Voter Id card as the identity proof option then you can enter any voter id number you like(it should be in format) they don’t verify the voter id also. So you will get each debit card for every different mobile number. This tip is only for you if you want unlimited free MasterCard debit cards.

After entering all the detail on the previous screen, now you will be landed on the next screen and there you have to create your Mpin to secure your digital wallet as shown on the image below:

Choose your preferred Mpin and click ‘Done’, now you have to validate this Mpin by an OTP they have sent to you number, if the sim card is in your phone then they will auto-verify the code if the number is in another phone then you have to enter the OTP manually, see the below image to understand it better:

Enter the OTP and click ‘Confirm’, now you will see the below screen:

Nothing to say more as you can see on the above image, you have successfully created your digital wallet with a limit of Rs.9000, now click on ‘Explore’ and you will be on your ‘Banking’ dashboard as shown on the below image:

Now click on the ‘Debit Card’ button beside the BHIM UPI button below your wallet as shown on the above image, and you will be asked to enter the Mpin you just created to access your debit card, see the below image to understand it better:

As soon as you enter your Mpin you will see your free MasterCard debit card, like below image:

Hurray, you have successfully got your Free MasterCard debit card which you can use anywhere in the world. As you can see on the above image here is your free MasterCard number, CVV, expiry date under your name.

If you want another free Mastercard then just log out of this account or clear the app data of your ‘Airtel Thanks’ app and repeat this process again using a new mobile number.

Recently, yahoo is giving domain, hosting, emails for 1 year trial (free for one year) with PayPal verification, you can use this debit card for PayPal verification and get a free custom domain, hosting, emails, etc too. You can also read this article to know the process on how you can get a free domain, hosting, business email, and more for one year.

In the next article, we will show you another super trick on how you can get a free visa card that is accepted worldwide and by big companies.

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